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NC releases its State broadband plan

“Released today, the [NC State broadband] plan outlines recommendations for the state to increase internet access, focusing on lowering infrastructure construction costs, preparing a 21st century workforce, increasing small business adoption, and expanding access for K-12 students at home.”

The link to the Press Release.

The link to the NC State Broadband Plan.


Why Fast, Affordable, Modern Broadband is Critical for Rural NC

The Coalition for Local Internet Choice (‘CLIC’) summarizes the critical importance of truly modern broadband for rural North Carolina. View the article HERE.


Gigabit connections to rise tenfold in 2016

Per Deloitte, gigabit connections are going to rise tenfold in 2016 .. just as the pricing has continued to drop over the past three years. Check out the article HERE.


How AT&T is out building Google Fiber

AT&T on Monday announced plans to expand its high-speed fiber service, known as GigaPower, to some three-dozen new markets, including Detroit, Memphis and San Francisco.

Check out the WaPo article HERE.


AT&T is bringing Gigapower to Asheville

AT&T is bringing its gigabit fiber product, Gigapower, to Asheville. Check out the story HERE.