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Getting the Internet to everyone in WNC

“As the number of digital devices and demand for high-speed internet grows for individuals and businesses, the question of how to achieve greater reach continues to be asked. The answer, while not easy, appears to be emerging in partnerships and unique efforts throughout Western North Carolina.”

Getting the Internet to everyone in WNC (links to Asheville Citizen-Times)


Joe Freddoso writes in WRAL Techwire how last week was ‘gigafied’.

Joe Freddoso writes in WRAL Techwire how last week was ‘gigafied’ and how NC is a leader in fiber to our schools.


Tennessee Close to Approving FREE Community College for HS grads

Tennessee Gov. William Haslam has proposed that his state use lottery funds to provide high-school graduates with two free years of education at community or technical colleges.


Support PARI’s Indiegogo Campaign

Friends, please consider supporting PARI’s Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for a highly precise scanner for their Astronomy Legacy Project. This scanner will support their continued digitization of analog astronomical data and make it available to the world.

PARI has long been recognized for their many contributions, as evidenced in this NC STEM article, and I urge you to support them.

thank you,

Hunter Goosmann, ERC Executive Director


14 Things that are Obsolete in 21st Century Schools

Yes. Yes. and Yes. I hope all our educational administrators take heed and apply this to our classrooms.

**UPDATE** The link above has apparently been taken down. This article has gone viral and has surely placed a difficult demand on the host.